​​​​​​​​Claire Burnett


STACK Collective was formed in October 2016 by a group of early career artists working in the North-East of Scotland. After constructing our own dynamic studio space from scratch, we have been working with school pupils and aspiring artists, through collaborative projects and workshops, in order to encourage creativity and facilitate discussion around Aberdeen's art scene. STACK have previously exhibited at Spectra 2017 and Look Again Festival 2017.

We have recently finished a project for SPECTRA Light Festival 2018 in Aberdeen, which was attended by over 90,000 people over the four day event.  For the festival we made a film and installation, inspired by the ever-changing colours and light of Aberdeen as it moves from day to night. By filming across multiple locations around the city, STACK Artist Collective aim to highlight the diverse and rich colour palette of “The Granite City”. This film is then projected onto a screen made entirely from ball-pit-balls, hung in an archway of Union Terrace Gardens. By using a material that is typically associated with play, but in an unusual way, visitors are encouraged to interact with the screen.

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SPAM Art Collective was founded by a group of fellow graduates of Gray’s School of Art shortly after the end of our studies in 2016, with the intention of contributing to the ever-growing art scene in Aberdeen: by bringing the community pop-up shows, exhibitions and zines. Due to the various disciplines shared by each member, exciting opportunities arise for broadening the audience’s views on a range of subject matters. 

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